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Are you unaware of which insurances correspond to your personal situation? And would you like to be advised by your own personal contact?

All For Finance will review your wishes and possibilities and will provide you with proper and comprehensive individual insurances or a complete insurance set for your whole family.

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Direct insurances information

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If you're looking for a mortgage loan, you want what's best for you. One that suits your current situation, but also takes the changing conditions into account. Our holistic and up-to-date approach towards these important matters are what set us apart in our highly competitive market. This means that we closely assess the mortgage on issues such as taxation, age, duration, household situation and future perspective. Our aim is to align your housing costs exactly to your specific personal and financial situation, for now and for the future!

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Current interest rates

Rente per 22 september 2017

1 jaar vast 1,28%
5 jaar vast 1,44%
10 jaar vast 1,4%
15 jaar vast 2,1%
20 jaar vast 2,25%


Lenen in Amstelveen and Amsterdam


You may find yourself in a situation where you're temporarily short of cash or have a large expense in the near future. A financial loan may then be the best solution. But what is the best loan in your situation? And which loans best suit your possibilities for repayment?
Borrowing money is easy, but it costs money too. Besides paying off your loan, you also pay interest. And this interest can turn your loan into a financial burden. One provider simply charges a higher fee than another.

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Financing tips

Before taking on a loan, there are some important matters to consider:

  • How much would you like to borrow?
  • How much can you afford to repay monthly?
  • What is the purpose of your loan?
  • Do you want to pay off the debt in the event of passing away?
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Pension plans have been included in most terms of employment. This means that you can benefit from additional income when you retire. However, it is important that you keep a close eye on your pension. The constant changes by governments and employers can have a considerable impact on your pension.
Of course you want to enjoy the same lifestyle when you retire. This means that sufficient income needs to keep coming in. A pension, as a supplement to your state pension (AOW), is therefore the most logical solution.

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Personal finance is not the easiest subject for many people. Especially when living abroad. We can help you make your stay as comfortable as possible. We do this by offering first class service, first class advice and first class products to support you with your financial planning.

We specialize in providing professional planning and advice to individuals and families of all financial means. Our services are offered on a fixed fee basis or per hour. We offer the convenience of flexibility and evening appointments. Complementary parking in front of our office without parking costs. We don’t impose a minimum net worth, income or investable asset standard.

We have translated the website in English, we are able to advice you in English and all our documents are translated for you in English. We don’t make any differences between expats or Dutch clients in anyway.

Personal tax advice

For tax services we always partner up with Maguire Tax & Legal, who are specialized in advising expats. Their services will definitely yield more than they cost. They can help you out with:

  • filing optimal income tax returns
  • advising on legal and tax issues when purchasing a house
  • international income tax advise
  • accounting services, also for freelancers
  • estate planning and family law issues

Tax return in year of immigration

Did you arrive in the Netherlands less than 5 years ago and haven’t you filed a Dutch income tax return yet? Maguire knows the way to recover a large profit that you forgot. Same goes for your year of leaving The Netherlands! The tax refund can get as high as 9.000 euro annually.

Financial advice in Amstelveen and Amsterdam

Are you looking for professional advice on insurance, a mortgage or pension plan in Amstelveen and Amsterdam?

All For Finance helps by providing financial advice for individuals, SMEs and self-employed professionals.

Our years of financial experience gives us the professional insight into which insurances best suits your personal situation and requirements - not just for now but also for the future!

Our Service

Over the past years, a lot has changed in the field of financial advice. Consumers can now gather information more easily through the web and get insured for less money online.

With us, you can also arrange your financial planning in this manner. But if you want independent advice on what's best for you, please contact us today to arrange an personal appointment!